How I would describe Patrick and his work

Let me give you a personal insight on Patrick. Who is that guy with roots from Brazil and Germany, and what motivates him in his profession as a designer? Together we are going to figure out what makes him unique.

I met Patrick when we both started studying in Iserlohn, Germany. Patrick signed up for communication design, I did for photography. Soon I understood that he had already acquired a remarkable amount of expertise in his field up until that time. We became friends and eventually realized together that we both strive for a more creative environment, more inspiration, and cosmopolitan flair. The decision to move to Berlin simultaneously and proceed with studying there in each of our courses was an easy one - knowing that Patrick would join me in this new experience gave me a lot of confidence.

The reason is a very simple one, and I might sound blunt saying this: He is probably one of the kindest, reliable, skilled, and supportive people that I had the pleasure to meet. This all happened in 2014.

Capturing the moments of diverse cultures
and inspiring people. After living in Berlin
and Brazil, Patrick is now based in Zurich.

Now, six years later, we have become close friends. We finished our studies in Berlin and moved to different places - Zürich and London. And even though there is a seeming distance that separates us, I know that I can count on Patrick. Nowadays, I consider loyalty rather unusual. But I call myself an incredibly happy person working in the creative industries and knowing that someone like Patrick has my back.

Patrick is probably the most multi-talented person I know, someone who is always motivated and devoted, manages to juggle between work, friends, and family and makes no one feel left behind. Ever since, I have been admiring this quality in Patrick, and I am not lying when I say that he is genuinely an extraordinary personality. He has the power to make you believe in yourself and your work and will always bring the best out of everyone.

»You see things and you say ›Why?‹.
But I dream things that never were and I say, ›Why not?‹.«
George Bernard Shaw